Monday, June 23, 2008

Origin of Rocket Fist

A lot of people ask us why did you name your company Rocket Fist (“Strange name”, they say to us).
Since we are fans of Anime and we love to watch giant robots beating the crap out of each just made sense.
One of the powers of these megalith robots is firing a rocket fist into its opponent’s leveling them flat.
Anime + Giant Robot s+ Power = Rocket Fist and so we decide to name our store this.
We were lucky enough to get some photo images of some of the origins of Rocket Fist from Ben Whaley who has a Blog called A

White Boy in Japan Blog

Ben often travels to Japan.These pics are from the Bandai Anime Museum in Chiba, Japan. It was from a display on robots. These specifically are from an old Japanese robot character / toy known as マジンガー. One of his powers is he shoots his fist out like a rocket. Ben actually had one of these toys as a kid.

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tommy said...

rocket fists are sure enough sweet stuff.